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Higher Gas Prices? No Thanks, Chu.

Posted by Pres. Nobama on May 7, 2012

Obama's Energy Secretary admits they want gas prices to go up even higher. Screw that. Is there any doubt that a Repulican President would mean lower gas prices? No. Help spread the word. Pick up a pack of our new gas pump decals and leave one behind every time you fill up. Only $9.99 for a pack of 20. Click Here

Spike That Football, Barry

Posted by Pres. Nobama on May 1, 2012

Team BO released a new campaign commercial this week starring BO and the great BJ Clinton. The ad touts all of BO hard work to take down Bin Laden and the farce that Romney would not have pulled the trigger. Aside from the obvious insanity of such an assumption, why would you choose BJ Clinton to talk about Bin Laden. This is the guy the turned down at least one offer from Sudan to hand over Bin Laden to be prosecuted for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. A move that would have put OBL out of commission and potentially stopped the attacks on 9/11. Another stellar decision by Team BO. #parforthecourse #DUFL

Trick the Bridesmaid

Posted by Pres. Nobama on October 11, 2011

Enjoy this video from the folks at

Barry v NFL

Posted by Pres. Nobama on September 1, 2011

No doubt by now you've heard about the kerfuffle in DC about Barry's big jobs speech. If not, here's a quick recap:

Barry:  Johnny B, can we get the whole gang together next Wednesday  to listen to me spout my latest ridiculous attempt to create jobs? You don't have any other important GOP activities that night, right?

Johnny B:  Uh... No. We are busy that night picking who will replace your ass in 2012. How about Thursday instead?

Barry: Sounds like a winner. I am sure to get high TV ratings that night since nothing else is happening.

Johnny B: Suuurrreee, Barry. Here's a link to the NFL iPhone app I will be using to keep up with the Packers v Saints NFL season opener while you waste everyone's time and a little more taxpayer money. Good luck with that, douche.


What is it in this guy's DNA that compels him to spend as much money on every little thing he does? He clearly doesn't comprehend how much the extra security alone costs to further secure the Capitol Building for his little visits. What a tool. Set up a camera in your office and spill it. You'll save tens of thousands of dollars right there.
I for one can't wait to see the TV rating for that night. My money says the NFL beats him 5 to 1. Any takers?

In the Land of DC where Constitutional Freedoms Die!

Posted by James Dough on August 7, 2011

Read to the cadence of "One Ring to Rule Them All"

With apologies to JRR Tolkien....

Key Constitutional Covenants ignored by Leaders in the Land;
A multitude of legislative kickbacks for Congressmen in their halls of stone;
An unknown number of personal freedoms doomed to die;
A One World Order for the Puppet Master on his false throne;

In the Land of DC where Constitutional freedoms die.

Creating legislation to ruin them all;
With debt designed to blind them;
A One World Order multitude of legislation to create financial darkness and bind them,

In the Land of DC where Constitutional freedoms die.

Pacifier Please!

Posted by James Dough on August 1, 2011

That huge sucking sound occurring right now in Washington DC is the financial pacifier being yanked right out of the mouth of President Barack "I want my debt ceiling raised" Obama. Obama was accustomed to the 111th Congress keeping his socialist pacifier well lubricated with the money of US taxpayers for all of his past desires. The 112th Congress, while not as budget fiesty as they need to be, are not rubber stamping Obama's spending needs. read more

Welcome to the new site!

Posted by VP BiteMe on July 22, 2011

Deliver Us From Liberals (DUFL) began in late 2007 and was meant to be a place where conservatives and non-liberal thinking Americans could unite, commiserate, and discuss politics with a snarky twist. As time went by we started to dabble in various products that would help identify each other in a crowd, in traffic, at work, and with our neighbors. We have morphed more towards a venture that is unabashedly capitalist in nature, hell, we like making money, while being able to provide information and commentary on politics, and we also love to sound off with sarcasm. read more